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Little League #17 by Yale Stewart
Characters © DC Comics. Creative content © Yale Stewart.
Reblogs are always appreciated!


Little League #17 by Yale Stewart

Characters © DC Comics. Creative content © Yale Stewart.

Reblogs are always appreciated!



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Oh yea, I have a blog don’t I. Maybe I should put something up there…

It turns out the whole regular blog posting of my London experiences isn’t really happening right now. So my new plan is to try and do shorter updates and when I get back from the UK, I will sit down and write out really really lengthy explanations for all that I’ve been doing.

So let’s do a quick overview of some of the big things I’ve done since my last post. So this should probably start from about September 25th. Let’s see if I can get all the big things down. Alright so I’ve been to the Tate Modern (London’s Modern Art Museum) a couple times, been to the Tower of London a couple times, seen a play at the Globe theatre, saw the Tempest with Ralph Fiennes (Voldemort), seen St. Paul’s Cathedral multiple times (and once at 2 in the morning), I’ve taken a weekend trip to Wales, been to the National Gallery and seen paintings by Van Gogh, taken a four day trip to Barcelona to see my friend Pau, been to the Museum of London, walked through the London Zoo, seen the Sherlock Holmes Museum twice, been to Covent Garden multiple times, seen paintings by Degas at the Royal Academy of the Arts, seen Westminster Abbey and Parliament, sat in on debates in Parliament, seen a play a week at different theatres, been to a double-header rugby match at Wembley Stadium, experienced Guy Fawkes Day, been to the British Museum, seen the LION KING musical (which was super awesome!!!), seen the Olympic Stadium, and been to Greenwich to the meridian line.

So I’ve been up to quite a bit. And pretty much everything has pictures to go with the experience. If you haven’t yet, head over to Facebook and take a look. There’s a lot.

Oh and I guess I should mention plans for the upcoming weeks so you all know what I’m up to, even if you don’t hear from me for another month. So big events planned are as follows: Paris this weekend to visit my friend Hailey!!!; Barclays Tennis match next week, Wicked the musical; my parents, grandparents, and brother coming to visit me for a week; seeing the show War Horse with my family; touring around with the family; going to the Christmas markets at Hyde Park; and seeing COLDPLAY at the O2 Arena on December 9th.

Hope this quick update works for you all. I’ll start trying to put quick reactions and updates about all the awesome stuff I’m continuing to do. Cheer!



The first and certainly not the last “I’ve been busy” post.

As people say, “time flies when you’re having fun.” Time really has flown by for me. I can’t believe I’ve been in London for a month already. It has really been an incredible experience. I’ve done so much in this past month and there’s still a ton to do in the next two months. So since I’ve been slacking on the whole blogging about my trip, I decided I should finally sit down, write a quick explanation of each day that I’ve been in London and catch you all up on my adventures. Be prepared people. I have a feeling this could be long.

Let’s start right after my last post, on 23 September.

Many of you probably know that Coldplay is my favorite band. They have a new album coming out in a couple of days (24 October) so I was pretty excited to get an album from a London based band while in London. As with most bands, they will be touring to support their new album. Luckily for me, they will start said touring closely after the release of their album. So on the 23rd of September, I woke up early after going out the night before, sat in front of my computer and purchase one standing ticket to the Coldplay concert at the O2 Arena on Friday, 9 December. So, I GET TO SEE COLDPLAY IN LONDON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, I’m super excited. To see this band live in London will be such an awesome experience. I cannot wait. Oh and on top of that, the concert is on a Friday and I’ve got an awesome schedule without class on Friday. So Friday, 9 December, I will be camping outside the O2 Arena from about 8 or 9AM. Yea, I’m crazy, but I’m gonna love it! Along with purchasing this ticket, I did a little tour of Oxford Circus with the Christian Union from the U of Westminster. The intent was not to see more of Oxford Circus, since I’d seen quite a bit of it already, but to meet more people from uni. It was a nice evening and I enjoyed the people from the group. Unfortunately, I have been quite busy and have not been back to a meeting with them yet. Maybe I’ll get around to it when I find some spare time.

24 September

The British Library, Great Britain’s equivalent to the Library of Congress. A cool place to go visit and probably quite a nice place to get some work done. Along with being a nice library, the British Library acts as a sort of museum to important documents. They have both special/temporary and permanent exhibits at the Library. While I visited, they had a Science Fiction exhibit that looked at the progression of science fiction literature throughout time. It was really quite cool to look through and had some cool books. What really drew me to the Library was the permanent items that they have. The big ticket item was the Magna Carta. The Library has one of the original documents containing the Magna Carta that took power away from King John of England (it was written multiple times to be spread throughout the land), the papal bull that overruled the Magna Carta and put the king back in power, and the reissue of the Magna Carta by King Henry III, the son of King John. It was really quite a cool piece of history to see. Along with this awesome document, the Library also had original versions of Handel’s Messiah, a composition by Beethoven, a Gutenburg Bible, the Canterbury Tales, and many other aged religious books. Along with all of this, there was a bit of wall devoted to the Beatles. On this wall there were the original lyrics to a couple of Beatles’ songs including “Yesterday,” “Help!”, and “Hard Day’s Night.” Being a Beatles fan, it was really cool to see their lyrics put in with ancient tomes that have shaped culture. After experiencing some ancient culture, I went out with my friends Gavin, Michelle, and Danielle to experience modern British culture.

25 September

Among the many awesome things London has to offer are weekly markets that appear on the weekends throughout the city. So this day, I went with my flat-mates Rie and Anniken to the Brick Lane Market. It was a really cool place to go shop. Many people brought used and vintage clothing to be sold on the streets while others prepared ethnic meals for the travelling shopper. There were even some slightly suspicious sales, such as the sale of computer printers for £10-£15 ($15-$20). Just walking through the small streets of East London with all these different people was such a cool experience. Plus, I was able to get a couple cool souvenirs for a really good price.

So there’s a quick recap of 3 more days of September. I would try and belt out some more, but its currently 2:30AM and I have plans to go to the London Zoo and Sherlock Holmes Museum starting at 10AM tomorrow. I will continue to add these quick updates when I can. But as the title says, this will certainly not be the last of the “I’ve been busy, let me do a quick summary” posts. Sorry for the delay. Hope it was worth the wait. And if it isn’t, take a look at some of the pictures I’ve posted on Facebook. Hopefully those will tide you over until my next blog post in a month.



Continuation of day 6, Thursday 22 September

Ok, so I kinda lied. Not quite as soon as I wanted to post something. Anyways, where did I leave off? Oh yeah, my Thursday. After I went about finalizing my classes, I took a trip to the doctor’s office. Why? Well, in my welcome pack from the halls of residence, there was a paper that said students should register with a local doctor within the first couple weeks of school. I think it has to do with the UK having public health insurance so they need a local general practitioner when they move. Anyways I walked to the local doctor’s office with my flat mate Anniken. It’s been quite nice out since I’ve gotten here so walking is nice. It lets me see more of London. It was pretty easy to register. Basically had to put in new patient info. So after the trip, I was registered with a UK general practitioner and just needed a new patient appointment with the nurse, which I set up for the next Friday. But, I questioned whether I needed to do this since the University of Westminster kind of stressed that I need to bring my insurance information. So I emailed the Study Abroad office and sure enough, I didn’t need to register, I just needed my insurance information. So kind of a waste of time, though it was nice knowing that I could get a doctor for free in London.

It was also nice because this doctor’s trip led to plans for the night. The doctor’s office happened to be next to a park called Shoreditch Park. And as Anniken and I turned towards the park, we saw a massive tent. Upon initially seeing it, I thought it was a carnival or circus tent. I was quickly corrected by a giant sign proclaiming “Oktoberfest” on the side of the tent.  And with that, I had plans for the evening. When I arrived back at my flat, I let my other flat mates know of this discovery and they were all quite pleased. So later that night, a couple of my flat mates and a much larger group of other students all ventured to Oktoberfest in Shoreditch Park, London. And we had a real great time. I even danced on stage cause one of the Brits bet I wouldn’t do it. And I even have photographic evidence. After Oktoberfest, a few of us went to a local club called Macbeth and hung out for a while. Overall, a pretty fun day.



Catching up the past week

Wow. Apparently it’s been a week since I’ve put stuff up on my blog. Sorry all. I’ve been a little busy, it is London after all. So let me give you a quick rundown of what I’ve done this past week so that you all hear about the awesome time I’ve been having. This is pretty much going to be a list of what I’ve done, very little explanation. I will work to get  more detail up as I find time.

So since last Thursday, I’ve bought a Coldplay ticket, explored Oxford Circus some more, traveled to the British Library, gone to the Brick Lane Market, seen the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace, been to Camden Market, started three of my classes, been to the Tate Modern, been on a river boat cruise on the Thames, and seen the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge. I’ve been taking tons of pictures and they’re all on Facebook for you to see! You should probably go look at all of them while I take my time writing blog posts.

So, like I said, just a little busy. I will start working on posts for each of these days and make sure they have immense detail to make up for the week I haven’t posted anything. More to follow soon, I promise.



"London Theatre in Performance" and "Art and Society" descriptions

Module Code 1ENL420 Level 4 Credit 15 Semester 1
This module does incur an additional cost payable by the student.
The module aims to introduce you to the institutions, patterns and structures that make up London’s contemporary theatre scene and to develop your ability to analytically review theatre productions from an informed perspective. London’s theatre offers a wide variety of theatrical forms and genres in different types of institutions (West End commercial theatre, subsidised theatre, fringe theatre) all of which will be examined during the course. The course will use visits to the theatre to both teach you how to review plays as performance and will develop your appreciation of the complexity of the staging process of a play.

And from the syllabus:

Teaching and Learning Methods:

Three-hour seminar weekly, including lectures and presentations from tutor, whole group discussion, supervised group work, student presentations, talks and workshops by guest speakers and visits/tours of theatres. In addition to the seminars, weekly individual and occasional group visits to the theatre.

Module Code 1ENL425 Level 4 Credit 15 Semester 1
This module does incur an additional cost payable by the student.

The module examines some of the main periods and movements in the history of the visual arts and architecture in Britain. It relates questions of stylistic development to cultural and social contexts. It develops your skills in the reading of visual texts and considers the role of London as a cultural capital - with regard to its historic buildings, public collections and its place in the contemporary international art market. The module includes visits to museums, galleries and architectural sites.

Also from the syllabus:

Week 1: 29 & 30 Sept


What is culture?

Visit to Tate Modern: modern art today


Week 2: 6 & 7 Oct

What is London?

Visit to St Pauls Cathedral:

Iconic buildings; construction, style and context


Week 3: 13 & 14 Oct

Victoria and Albert Museum and Raphael Tapestries


Week 4: 20 & 21 Oct

Looking at pictures 1:

Genres, landscape and portraits

Visit to The National Gallery


Week 5: 27 & 28 Oct

Visit to Tate Britain: Edweard Muybridge

& permanent collection: How the 19TH Century is depicted through art


Week 6: 3 & 4 Nov

Visit to the Museum of London:

Representing London life from 1600 to present

Week 7: 10 & 11 Nov

Looking at pictures 3

Visit The Wallace Collection:


Week 8: 17 & 18 Nov

Looking at pictures 3: Impressionism and modernism: the Courtauld Institute


Week 9: 24 & 25 Nov

Collecting the world: The British Museum and the Enlightenment Gallery

Plus tutorials

Week 10: 1 & 2 Dec

The Foundling Museum and special exhibition ‘Threads of Feeling


Week 11: 8 & 15 Dec

Special exhibition: ‘Aware - Art Fashion Identity’ at Royal Academy OR ‘Caneletto’ at National Gallery’

Week 12: 15 & 16 Dec

National Portrait Gallery OR public art and 4th Plinth

Days 4, 5, and part of 6.

Tuesday was the Freshers Fair at the University of Westminster Regent Campus. To those familiar with DU, it was kind of like the Pioneer Carnival. Basically, the Student Union had a large representation of the clubs and organizations at the Uni all in one room. So students could go around, talk with members of the clubs, get free stuff, and join the clubs. Great way to get connected with other students. So while at this fair, I found two clubs that I’m thinking of joining: the Literature Society and the Investment & Trading society. Both should be pretty interesting groups and hopefully I’ll be able to connect with students from London.

After the fair, I traveled to Angel with one of my flatmates, Rie. Angel is a small shopping area with a movie theater, a concert venue, clothing stores, food stores, and many other small shops. We went so that I could learn where Iceland Foods and Sainsbury’s stores were located. Both are nice supermarkets that I will now frequent regularly in order to eat.

On Wednesday, I met my final flatmate, Sarah and her friend Liam. We spent a lot of the night talking and they’ll be great people to hang out with while I’m here.

Thursday, I had my advising meeting with the study abroad advisers and finalized my timetable. It will be a pretty great semester. Before diving into my wonderful class schedule, I figure it would be good to talk briefly about the UK education system. It is quite different from that of American Universities. Students at UK universities like the University of Westminster take 3 years to graduate. Because of this, their schedules are much more focused than in the States. In the US, students are given a bit of room in what classes they can take. So in a quarter back at DU as a Finance major, I could take two Finance classes, a language class, and a philosophy class. In UK, as a Finance major, I would take four classes all focused on Finance. So basically, in the UK, students take very focused classes and learn a lot about their major subject while in the US, students take more of a variety of classes.

Along with this difference in degree composition, the teaching style is a bit different. More emphasis is put on independent study rather than constant work. This leads to a difference in class scheduling from the US system that I will experience soon. First, there is less class time. In the US, I would have a class twice a week for 2 hours. In the UK, I have 3 hours of class. 1 hour is a lecture from the professor with a large class and 2 hours is a smaller seminar with discussion between students and the professor. So I will have less class time, but will have to more research outside of class. There are a couple other differences, but I will talk about those as I experience them throughout the semester.

Now on to the interesting part: my class schedule. The first two days of my week are a little less interesting to the majority of people, but are about my major and minor, so I’m very excited for them. On Tuesdays I have Issues in European Union Law. From 2-3PM I have a tutorial and from 4-6PM I have my lecture. Wednesdays I have Behavioural Finance. From 10-11:30AM I have my lecture and from 1-2:30PM I have my seminar. Both will definitely be interesting, but will require a bit of work, as both are second level classes. Thursdays will also require work, but will be a lot of fun. Thursdays I have my Art and Society class and my London Theatre in Performance class. Both classes focus on London and are designed for study abroad students to learn more about the wonderful city we’re in. The Art and Society class will look at artwork in London and how it has become a part of the culture. I will have a lecture from 9-10AM for the class, but from 10-12:30PM each week, we will have off-site visits to museums, art galleries, and other artistically significant locations with powerful effects on society. Then, from 2-5PM I have my London Theatre in Performance class. This class will teach me about the theatre, its influence, how to critique plays, and will take me to see plays in London. I am super excited for both of my London focused classes and am ready for the challenges all four classes provide. In addition to this post, I will copy the course descriptions for each so you all have a better idea of what awesome classes these will be.

After my advising meeting, I spent a bit of time familiarizing myself with my places of study: the Regent building where I will have my two London Studies classes; the Law building where my Issues in EU Law will be; and the Marylebone building where I will have my Behavioural Finance class. I also spent some time walking around Oxford Circus and Angel so that I become more familiar with my surroundings. Oh, and I also bought myself a cool new hat. I’ll probably post a picture of it soon.

Anyways, its getting late here and I’ve probably put you all to sleep with my long-winded explanation of three days here in London. Hopefully I’ll get some time tomorrow and I’ll complete my tales from Thursday. Cheers.



Day 3 (Buckingham Palace and Orientation)

Hurray! Third blog post about London!

One of the many things my Mom told me about before leaving for London was that I should go visit Buckingham Palace, but that tours closed sometime in October. October 3rd to be exact. So I figured it’d be a good idea to plan a trip to Buckingham Palace. And a good idea it was. Turns out that the online tickets were sold out except for yesterday and a couple of days next week when I started classes. So I booked myself a tour of Buckingham Palace and brought along my good friend Jonny as well. It was pretty nice to see a good friend from the States. Helped to ease some of this homesickness/culture shock I’ve been having.

Anyways, Buckingham Palace. Absolutely gorgeous. Go see it. Really. Just make sure you book a ticket during the time its open for tours. So the tour I went on was of the State Rooms, or the rooms that the Queen and Royal Family use for entertaining guests. Unfortunately, due to they’re awesomeness pictures could not be taken while inside the hall. Probably had to do with there being priceless artwork or something. The tour was done with an audio guide so you could go at your own pace and get more information about different aspects of the States Rooms. It lasted about 2 hours and was absolutely wonderful. Each room, hallway, and staircase was elegantly designed with beautiful colors, gold gilding, and priceless artwork. And each room had its own, wonderful history about it. Along with the State Rooms, the tour had two special exhibits: Royal Faberge and the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding dress. Both were spectacular. The Royal Faberge showed many masterpieces by Carl Faberge that the British Royal Family has collected throughout generations. The second exhibit showcased the wedding dress that Kate Middleton wore as she married Prince William. Along with exhibiting the dress, the tour emphasized the immense amount of detail and the perfection that went into making the dress. It really was quite marvelous to see. The tour ended in the Palace Gardens, where pictures could finally be taken. I took a couple of the beautiful landscape that stretched from the palace and then decided to sneak a couple of the last room of the tour. So all those pictures are up on Facebook for you to enjoy.

After completing our visit of Buckingham Palace, Jonny and I ventured to a nearby pub and had some delicious English food of mashed potatoes, fish and chips, sausage, and mashed peas, and all of it was delicious.

We then had our orientation as study abroad students at the Regent Campus of the University of Westminster. Now, this is not like a campus of an American university. The Regent Campus consists of a couple of nearby buildings around Oxford Street, a large shopping area of London. So it will really be a cool place to study. More detail on that will come once I actually begin my classes. Anyways, the orientation was alright. They pretty much went over the information they had already sent out. Gave us our student id and talked again about how courses were decided by a few big project or a final exam or essay, not many assignments throughout the semester. The one great part about the orientation was that they had the head professor of London Studies come talk us. These London Studies classes are for study abroad students and focus on London and its culture. I am lucky enough to be registered for two of these classes: Art and Society, and London Theatre In Performance. The head professor, who happens to be the professor for Art and Society, talked about each of these classes. The two I’m in sound super awesome. More details to come as I take each class, but the Theatre class takes me backstage of some theatres and has me meeting actors, directors, and theatre critics while the Art and Society class takes me to showings of Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings and to the top of St. Paul’s Cathedral. Needless to say, I am very excited for both of these classes.

After orientation, Jonny, myself, and another DU student got a quick bite to eat and headed home for a night of rest. Well that’ll be it for the night. After watching a bit of tv, its already 2:20am here. So I’m headed off to bed, but I’ll keep you all updated tomorrow! Hope you enjoy the blogging so far and all the pictures I’ve taken already.